Building the store virtual twin

Geolocation gives you a real-time view of your planogram in Jeegy S. This module enables you to locate each product found in-store and to follow instantaneously each shelf- edge change.

Thanks to SES-imagotag’s interactive labels, which form a highly dense network of intelligent sensors, supermarkets can offer a drive service to ll baskets more quickly and optimize the picking rate on the sales oor. Jeegy S Geolocation ensures merchandising excellence at every level, as you can get an instant view of the products in your store. The same principle applies to another application, this time dedicated to consumers that can access a geolocation- based shopping list via a smartphone app which locates products and then suggests an optimized route through the aisles. With Geolocation, save time on picking tasks as the store staff will have an optimized path to pick the products for your customers.

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