Signage application

Reinvent digital room signage


Digital signage is becoming more powerful also outside the retail industry and the customers can benefit from a proven technology in other applications. Due to old-fashioned manual room reservation processes, companies and other facilities often suffer from high administrative costs, vacant meeting rooms or even overbookings of rooms. To increase the efficiency of using available space, e-paper labels are the perfect solution for office buildings or other shared space facilities. Centrally managed, staff can see in the system if a room is booked, by whom it is booked, when it will be available again etc. New bookings or any change of reservation can easily be done via one click and are visible within seconds at the labels mounted at the meeting rooms.

The light infrastructure that works without cables perfectly fits everywhere – even on glass walls. The connection to various calendar systems like MS-Outlook, the ability to display text, logos and even images makes it a highly requested solution for companies to show real-time meeting room usage.