Shopper connectivity

Connect shoppers at the shelf




Internet and the growing reach penetration of smartphones are transforming the way retailers operate. With the emergence of these digital channels, consumers are more connected, more demanding, better informed and more impatient. To adapt, stores need to reinvent themselves, using digital technology to connect, to get to know, to guide, to inform and to assist consumers at the point of sale. For each one of these challenges, intelligent labels provide impressive solutions.

ESLs are the long awaited network of intelligent sensors linking the customer, items, retailer and brand. They ensure a seamless digital customer experience. By simply touching the price label with their smartphone, consumers access a wealth of information about the composition, origin and manufacture of the products.

Consumers can geo-locate their shopping list and optimize their route around the store. In addition, with the simple touch on their smartphone, consumers will find new products quickly and easily and manage their shopping basket all the while getting loyalty benefits and saving time thanks to self-scanning. At the same time, retailers will be able to offer various services such as contextualized marketing, social media integration and loyalty system cross- and up-selling to all their brands.

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