Take the pain out of pricing



In a context of fierce competition and a need for synchronization with e-commerce, real-time price changes today represent a strategic advantage and require maximum responsiveness and reliability, made possible by electronic labels. For a store, the labelling process is first and foremost highly time-consuming. Changing all the prices in a hypermarket takes a team several days, whereas just a few minutes are enough with electronic shelf labelling.

At the same time, high competitive pressure intensified by e-commerce has led to a sharp increase in the frequency of price changes, doubling in the space of five years. Electronic shelf labelling thus offers retailers the versatility, productivity and accuracy needed to deal with these changes. This is where paper labels generate a lack of responsiveness and synchronization, along with higher implementation costs and mistakes between the prices shown on the shelf and those at the till.

For the consumer, electronic labelling therefore not only means accurate prices, but also low prices since it streamlines price competition.


Connect shoppers at the shelf


Internet and the growing reach penetration of smartphones are transforming the way retailers operate. With the emergence of these digital channels, consumers are more connected, more demanding, better informed and more impatient. To adapt, stores need to reinvent themselves, using digital technology to connect, to get to know, to guide, to inform and to assist consumers at the point of sale. For each one of these challenges, intelligent labels provide impressive solutions.

ESLs are the long awaited network of intelligent sensors linking the customer, items, retailer and brand. They ensure a seamless digital customer experience. By simply touching the price label with their smartphone, consumers access a wealth of information about the composition, origin and manufacture of the products.

Consumers can geo-locate their shopping list and optimize their route around the store. In addition, with the simple touch on their smartphone, consumers will find new products quickly and easily and manage their shopping basket all the while getting loyalty benefits and saving time thanks to self-scanning. At the same time, retailers will be able to offer various services such as contextualized marketing, social media integration and loyalty system cross- and up-selling to all their brands.

Manage with precision



Paper labels are currently being replaced with digital solutions to combat increasing labor costs and better manage frequent price changes.

Because of the innovation behind the increasing intelligence of electronic shelf labels and associated software, retail stores are conquering yet another transformation: the digital revolution that will allow them to enter the era of precision commerce.

Intelligent labels are the real nerve center of tomorrow’s store. They are the foundation for countless applications, offering more precise and refined management, optimizing costs and inventories, reducing stock-outs and the waste of perishable products, and so much more.


Enhance customer experience


Stores need to rethink their relationships with customers, as they are more demanding and seeking new shopping experiences. SES-imagotag provides a completely connected environment, thanks to our multi-frequency radio infrastructure, our connected labels and our software.

Customers are not frustrated anymore thanks to innovative products and applications, such as the product geolocation, faster check-outs or the ability to pay and scan articles with a smartphone. Key features which bring easiness of the digital world to the physical commerce and thus directly to the shoppers.

The in-store experience is key for retailers who want to compete with online players and thanks to connected electronic shelf labels and the shopper connectivity offered by our solution, they are now able to do so.

Reinvent digital room signage


Digital signage is becoming more powerful also outside the retail industry and the customers can benefit from a proven technology in other applications. Due to old-fashioned manual room reservation processes, companies and other facilities often suffer from high administrative costs, vacant meeting rooms or even overbookings of rooms. To increase the efficiency of using available space, e-paper labels are the perfect solution for office buildings or other shared space facilities. Centrally managed, staff can see in the system if a room is booked, by whom it is booked, when it will be available again etc. New bookings or any change of reservation can easily be done via one click and are visible within seconds at the labels mounted at the meeting rooms.

The light infrastructure that works without cables perfectly fits everywhere – even on glass walls. The connection to various calendar systems like MS-Outlook, the ability to display text, logos and even images makes it a highly requested solution for companies to show real-time meeting room usage.


Lift industrial processes to the next level



Industrial processes like purchasing, production or logistics can be time consuming and painful. Latest innovations in the industrial sector integrate SES-imagotag e-paper labels to increase efficiency in their processes. They become more flexible, independent and automatic.

With the highly customizable solution of SES-imagotag, labels can be adjusted to the individual requirements of the customers and markets.

It was never so easy to keep track of all inventory involved in a specific production by simply attaching the electronic label to an inventory container. Operators are able to instantly locate missing material and send a signal for reordering directly from the label to the electronic ordering system. That guarantees a smooth production without any deadlock of production.