Electronic shelf labeling enhances in-store efficiency, reduces labour costs generated by the daily implementation of the pricing policy. It also reduces wastage, through the dynamic management of products with a sell-by date (stock level alerts, shelf capacity, etc.).

Our electronic shelf labels and our software solution offer a real-time pricing automation, while optimizing price policy and maintaining profit margins. Automated prices also mean that the store staff has more time to advise customers and a better price integrity resulting in fewer fines and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The SES-imagotag solution enables an easy management of perishable goods with management data displayed at the shelf and in the software (stock level alerts, use-by dates, shelf capacity etc.) Fruits & vegetables.

Graphic electronic labeling are a solution particularly suited to the fruits and vegetable aisles, thanks to large display e-paper labels (G1 4.4 and G1 7.4) and product display on televisions (Media+). Beyond price, there are many other information that may change and these changes can be frequent. The electronic labeling can simplify and automate a pricing management usually complex (piece, kilo, batch management).


SES-imagotag Busines cases