Our company is present on the Romanian market since 2008 as the only partner and representative of SES Imagotag.

Our success is proven locally by being present in over 200 stores.
And we keep expanding. Due to the fast growing of the retail sector, the “time” became an issue and everything needs to be done faster and more efficiently.

…our partner

SES-imagotag is the No.1 global company in the high-potential technological sector of the digital transformation of physical commerce. Currently over 10,000 stores in some 54 countries are using a total of 135 million electronic shelf labels.


…our goal

We are here to sustain you in the competition with the others and to add value to your business.

As our partner, SES-imagotag is focusing on constant innovation and is developing solutions that not only reinvent the way retailers and other sectors are doing business, but at the same time being as close to the customer as possible to guarantee to meet their needs to the highest extend.